Best Arena 3v3 Set-ups in Cataclysm

Published: 23rd February 2011
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3v3 arena Comps

Allot has changed in the world of warcraft with the latest expansion, abilities has changed along with talent trees and new spells. These changes have not influenced PvE nearly as much as they have influenced PvP content. Class balance has changed and mortal strike effects have been reduced to 10% from 50%, and healers mana cost on all there spells allot more mana expensive, making this expansions arena allot different to others. In wow you have allot of classes, 10 exactly but then each of these classes have 3 talents, in which they can spec into one, of course there are only 1 or 2 that might be viable for some classes, but this still makes allot of possiblities. Importantly you have to remember that not all combos will work and there will be different combos and specs that will work differently with each division(2v2,3v3 & 5v5).

Let us talk about a good set up for 3v3 bracket that are currently in play. We will make a class division of most represented classes and whom they should play with.


Rogue, warlock and shaman

At the Moment this combo is very powerful and will continue to get better. This set up has a great deal of crowd control and very good damage combined with a very effective stun lock from a rogue they are capable of nuking a single target very effectively. This all while the Shaman uses his totems well and heals the party.

RMP - rogue, mage and priest

One of the oldest and best 3v3 set ups that there is, with priest (discipline) being not nearly as good as it used to be in PvP, many have expected to see this set up fail, however it is still very viable and very well represented in top 50 ladder of 3v3 bracket.


Warlocks best spec at the moment is Affliction, and you normally see this with a shaman and a melee dps like a deathknight, to make a shadow combo. Other option is to go with a warrior and a restoration druid. With warriors having there dps increased, and druids and warlocks having such great CC you will be able to land a kill on a target within a couple of seconds of starting the game, but also have the option to drag it out.


Normally if you see a shaman in arena it will be as resto, thou elemental and enchance are seen time to time. But at the moment you will see allot more enchancement with double melee like warrior, deathknight or with a holy pally and Warrior.

Another combo you can run is a Spell Cleave, this set up is normally a healer ( any) and two caster dps (like mage warlock) An example of this combo that you will see around in the shaman resto, warlock and mage, this offers great CC and massive damage. This is a very aggressive team with the shaman purging.

Warriors - Very strong class in PvP, as usual, that is very well represented in all brackets. in 3v3 the Warrior is mostly seen playing with a healer and a warlock or another melee dps such as an enhancement shaman or deathknight.

Unholy deathknights - very strong in PvP and can fit in pretty much in any set up. Deathknight can fit into almost any combo. You name it, Warlcoks, Mages, Priest, Rogues, Warriors, Shamans they all work with the DeathKnight.

Paladins and druids are mainly represented as healers in the 3v3 bracket - and they will work well in almost any set up that will include the above mentioned classes.

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